Hints of spring

We’re on the edge now… the days are growing longer.

We did have some residual snow, though! I love how they accentuate the molehills.

The beavers are so busy near the river!

The willows are on the edge of flowering…

And despite how busy we are, sometimes we do spend cold afternoons snuggling up on the couch…

Working on a new blanket and finished off the baby blanket. Hope to show you them soon!

More wintry pictures 

Winter is still there! We had a couple of weeks of snow, warmer weather for a week or so, and now it’s back. Beautiful! This was around Ootmarsum. Snow on the sloping hills in Twente.

The ice is making wonderful abstract art again on the riversides.

Bird highway on the ice in Hemmen!

Look how deep the snow was! By this time, the top layer was frozen so a lot of the time the dog didn’t even sink into the snow anymore. A regular little Legolas, our doggie *grin*

I love how the snow sets off the sky and trees in the landscape…

More snow, this time in Renkum.

And again at the dike because it’s just so pretty!


Wintery goodness

Winter is doing its best to show us how beautiful it can be.

The other day we had snow melting and freezing up again, creating these beautiful glassy flowers…

So gorgeous!

Very impressed, Mother Nature!

Everything had gotten a layer of clear frost. It made me feel a little guilty to walk on all these pretty blades of grass (blades of glass?) Somehow it was also very satisfying to hear them crunch, though.

Pretty sunrises…

Frosty trees…

Beautiful landscapes…

Oh and we found this very weird frost in the woods! It’s really ice, though it looks more like some kind of mold… anyone know this?

Edit: my mother knew what this was: hair ice! So it was caused by a fungus 🙂

It’s growing colder 

The days are very dark. This doesn’t always make me happy, but I must admit the changing light does something to me. I love the contrasts that you get this time of year: the bright blue of the sky with the dark silhouettes, the grey water…

Some days it’s grey and wet, the hawthorn collecting droplets from the air. They look like tiny diamonds.

Sometimes it’s cold enough to frost over. One morning I caught the view just as the sun was peeking over the dike, hitting the tree tops so they turned gold.

The icy blues contrast so beautifully with the golden yellows…

If it wasn’t so bloody cold I could’ve stayed all day watching them *grin*

We also got a new chicken. It’s a bloody cheeky chicken. In a few weeks time she decided she runs the place.

This is her coming to collect her food in the mornings. I opened the blinds and apparently wasn’t quick enough in feeding them. My mistake.

She’s a stray chicken, just like the cockerel (that dark fluffy thing in the background – apparently they’re called silkies in English!). For some reason if people see a chicken wandering about their property, they hand them over to us. Last year a neighbour threw a stray chicken over the fence. Though truth be told he thought it was one of ours that escaped.

This red one strayed onto my inlaws’ property, looking rather rugged and rough. My husband came home one night from a visit to his parents: “I’ve got a present for you.” And I got handed this box with this frumpy chicken inside.

She’s been in our garden a little while and seems to clean up rather nicely. Her tail is still a bit scruffy but I’m hoping it’ll grow into its own again. And then perhaps she’ll lay some eggs for us… though it’s probably spring before we get any.

Cows and grannies

Working on the newest baby blanket…

Giant granny square blanket.

We also went for more walks by the river.

All the cows. They look so pretty against the autumn sky. Just look at them lying there, perfectly mirrored!

I think this is my favorite picture. I love their faces.

Autumn river

Autumn has come at our favorite place, the river, as well. The cows don’t seem to mind yet…

“Wat you doin?”

Impressive skies again.

Sometimes we find interesting dead animals… a spoonbill this time. Beautiful birds, even in death.

The other day we also found a gigantic eel. Somewhere in my head I ofcourse knew they could grow to be more than a meter long in our big rivers, but I’d never actually seen it. It was so impressive! Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera that day…

I love the pastels. Still happy with the iPhone cam for managing to capture the sky’s colours somewhat.

Winter is coming

Which means autumn has arrived…

I do love the autumn colours. And the scents…

Beautiful dried flower silhouets.

The hawthorn is beautiful again.

If you look very very closely, you can see a tiny glimpse of a rainbow in the sky. I was constantly catching small hints of colour in the clouds, even though it hasn’t rained for weeks.

Busy working on the latest baby blanket… the baby has been born already, so I have to be quick! Can’t seem to get the colours right in the photographs, though. They’re quite warm, a bit autumny as well. (They’re matching the baby’s bedroom again).

As you can see, it’s gonna be a simple granny square blanket. I’ve tried a ton of patterns but really this one fits the room and the colours best in my opinion. Now to finish it before we’re going to see the newborn…

Finished baby blanket

And the babies keep coming… There’s one more blanket coming after this one, and then preferably people will stop procreating for a bit *grin*

This blanket is finished, though! And I’m really rather pleased with it.

As said, the pattern is Cherry Heart’s clamshell pattern. The colours were picked to match the baby’s bedroom.

They work well together though in my objective opinion *grin*

Hopefully the baby and its parents will like it as much as I do! He hasn’t been born yet, so we’ll have to wait a little while to find out.

Made a very simple border because I think it sets the pattern off well.

What do you think?

Is it pretty enough?

Blanket in a tree…



Indian summer morning

Summer is ending. And it’s clearest in the mornings, when the air is cold and hazy, frizzing up your hair and leaving your cheeks cool and red.

I think the time for the dandelion seeds to fly is past… they do look pretty covered in dew drops, though.

The cows don’t seem to mind the indian summer. The grass is still growing; the sun is still warm on their flanks.

Black cat is enjoying the dried up reeds as its hunting ground. Must be a lot of mice in there.

The spiders are busy catching diamonds…