Kasteel Doorwerth


This isn’t the kind of sky you let go to waste. At least, that’s what the dog and I thought, so we wandered over to one of our favorite places to hike: Kasteel Doorwerth.



There has been a fort or castle in this location at least since the middle ages. The current building exists since the seventeenth century, though it has been reconstructed and added to many times. It’s a very beautiful castle and it seems capable of holding off a zombie attack for at least a short while, both assets in my opinion.

The dog doesn’t care much for either of those aspects. She enjoys this particular walk because of the sticks. Being located in a forest, there are of course many sticks one’s owner could and should throw. Incessant barking will sometimes help them along. If the owner fails to provide, though, there are always many lovely smells to analyse….


Pools to discover….


Passages to follow…


Trees to climb… (okay, pretty sure it’s the bosswoman doing the climbing, not the dog.)


Trees to cut down….

Oh wait. Nah, I just liked the similarity between the bright blue of the markings and the sky.


It’s not that noticable yet, but I’m quite sure spring is in the air.


And on the ground, for that matter.



Have you found evidence of spring yet in your surroundings?



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