Winter baby blankets

Friends having babies are always a great excuse for working with the loveliest yarn you can find. This is especially a treat after being a student for way too long and only being able to afford Wibra-yarn. It’s fine if you don’t have anything else, but oh, there’s so much that’s better.


For this little blanket I ordered the softest merino wool. I wasn’t yet sure if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl, so I stayed fairly neutral with the colors. Though you’ve probably noticed the pink, so yes, I’ll admit, it had been hinted it might be a girl. But hey, it’s not too much pink for a boy. Right?


I love this color scheme! I’m fairly certain I picked up some color ideas over at Purlbee, but I’m still claiming it as mine.

The stitch is actually very easy. It’s similar to the seed stitch in knitting, in that you simply alternate between single and double crochets. The next row, you make sure you crochet your double crochet on a single of the previous row, and your single on the double of the previous row, etc etc. I think it’s called a pebble stitch, but I can’t find much evidence for that.

20150206_183807 The colors are very difficult to photograph properly, though. This might be because I only use my phone to take pictures and it doesn’t have that good a camera to start with. I don’t have a proper camera-camera, though, and to be honest, I wouldn’t use it even if I did. I only started taking pictures because the smart phone allows me to share them immediately.

For me taking pictures was never a goal by itself. I want to share certain things with people – mostly the view when I’m hiking by myself, and the things I craft because there’s a slight lack of yarnophiles among my acquaintances. Of course by now I’m also vain enough I want to take pretty pictures, if not (yet) good ones.

So anyway, you will have to allow for a slightly wonky color representation, especially inside. Perhaps now summer is coming I can start to photograph my creations outside.20150206_183513 20150206_183912

Oh and of course we need a picture of the blanket used by its new owner! Awwwww.



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