Snowflakes in springtime

There’s still a lot of leftover yarn from my wedding dress. It’s off-white cotton, very fine. Lovely to work with…. But what do you make with it?

I’d been crocheting a few flowers / snowflakes, unsure of what I was going to do with them. I’ve been playing with the idea of crocheting inbetween curtains for our front windows, but that seemed like a sisyphean task.


However, then I heard a colleague of mine was retiring. I needed a small present for her. But what to give a retiring librarian… Yes, that’s right, a bookmark! So very original. Well, at least it was handmade and pretty.


So there it was – a use for my cotton! Hurray. Only a kilo of yarn left to use…


Ah, yes, and a sneak peek in my shopping bag of this afternoon. Can’t wait for the garden to come into its full bloom again!


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