Cycling along the dike



What lovely spring weather these past few weeks! The dog and I are thoroughly enjoying the sun – and all the little suns in the grass! It’s dandelion time, one of my favorite parts of the year. And just look at how lush that grass is getting… Working from home definitely has its perks. Eventually Kim and I couldn’t resist the lure of the sunshine any longer. I grabbed my bike and we raced along the dike.



The willows are slowly but surely filling in. And everything is starting to smell again! I mean that in a good way. You only realise when spring comes round again, that nothing smells like anything in winter. Suddenly the air is filled with fragrant scents (which may or may not make you sneeze).


Of course we had to park the bike and just sit for a while in the grass, because, y’know, grass. Kim immediately ran off to the shade, since all that cycling had gotten her quite hot. I tried to lure her back to me for a picture in the sun and in the middle of the dandelions.


Gotcha! Or at least, so I thought.


The moment I told her she could go, she grabbed my stick and ran off with it back to the shade. There she started chewing on it, quite pleased with herself.


Okay fine, dog,the bosswoman will stick to her own toy then. Just look at all the bright greens!


The cuckoo-flowers are hot on the heels of the dandelions, this year.


Okay, fine, because she’s so very photogenic:


Isn’t she the most gorgeous dog you’ve ever laid eyes on?

Okay, shut up, I’m her bossmom, I’m allowed to think that.


There are some very cute lambs leaping about in the field close to our home. Just look at that bunch. They’re not at all afraid of Kim, either. She’s totally bummed by that. Sheep are there to chase after. You’re not supposed to be followed around by them!


I don’t mind, though. Look at that face! I wonder if I can fit it underneath my coat and sneak it off?



4 thoughts on “Cycling along the dike

  1. Lovely to see those nice places. You let us wonder where it is. (I have the impression it is somewhere in the Benelux. It seems not to be flat enough to be in Holland so my gues would be somewhere in Belgium, though the other things on this website bring my thoughts to the Netherlands.)


    1. Toch wel in Nederland, bij de Rijn! Maar die heeft soms lichte golven gesleten in de uiterwaarden. Verder zijn er hier in de regio wel heuvels te vinden, oude stuwwallen van de laatste ijstijd. Niet te vergelijken met de Ardennen natuurlijk.


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