Spring in the flood fields

Okay, I keep posting about spring… but the season just makes everything so beautiful! Just check out the hawthorn right now. If I didn’t know about the thorns, I’d be tempted to just throw myself into those flowers.


They smell great, too. Subtle and sweet.


This dude (okay, it was actually a lady, but she has such a dude!head) came up to say hi.


The buttercups are working on a hostile takeover of the dike.


Bam! Buttercups.

But I think the dandelions are working on their comeback, considering the amount of seed heads…

wpid-20150513_134200.jpgĀ  wpid-20150513_134331.jpg

Wha? Me? Just chillin’….

Okay, not true, I made her pose again, and she retaliated by sticking out her tongue. I’m so mean, forcing my dog to sit pretty in my pictures all the time.

Of course, sometimes I want to take pictures without her in them, and then she always manages to end up in the photo anyway – sniffing this or that, sticking out her tail, drooling on the floor, not having a care in the world. I think I want to be a dog as well.


The cow parsley is filling the air with its sweet sweet fragrants.

…though I’m sure Kim is smelling less fragrant scents down there. Infinitely more interesting than flower aromas, though, at least according to her.


Aren’t they just perfect?


No matter how old I am, I always have to check how many children I’m going to have. This time I think it was 37. Well, oops. Not sure how the husband feels about that.


Okay, yes, I should probably start writing actual stories here, instead of just showing pictures. But I’ve got so many photos I’d like to share!.. Oh well.

Crochet updates will be along shortly. Unfortunately both projects I’m working on right now are gifts, which means the pictures will have to remain secret until I actually hand over the presents in question. Which means a certain amount of patience is needed on your side. But I bet you can manage.


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