Het voorjaar in de bol

For whoever was wondering: yes, Kim does little else than run around like a maddog whenever we’re close to any sort of river. But I’ll admit I was calling her back to me for a few of these pictures. Let’s be honest – they are that much prettier when she is in them.

The buttercups haven’t succeeded in their hostile takeover here by the river. Instead it’s the daisies who managed to get the upper hand. Daisies might just be my favorite flowers of all time. I mean, when we’re not counting flowers on trees. They’re just so cute and versatile. And edible! I love edible things. That’s why I like my dog.


Brighter than the sun. Not sure what these are called though.


Waves such big waves! Look at those waves! Oh my god waves!!!1


Plantain/fleawort. Also edible! And very helpful in cases of stinging nettles. They’re in bloom too, though these flowers are really very inconspicuous. Apparently they’re good for a lot of other things as well, besides food and cooling your skin. Check it out.


Okay, I’ve admitted that I love the winter light, with all its subtleties and cool golden glow. But the early summer sun does add a brightness to the world that you just don’t find in winter.


Check out the tiny white flowers! No idea what these are, maybe one of you can help me? They’re certainly not daisies, but they’re small and dainty, really elegant flowers in a limited palet of greygreen and bright white. I bet they would love a VT-wonen interior. Nice grey wall, white couch, random ladder in the room…


We also went for a swim! Or at least Kim did.


I’m so proud of her for this. She used to be so afraid of water; she’d just stand on shore barking like mad at the offending fluid.

I’d like to tell you a story about how a lot of gentle coaxing and our kind and patient demonstrations made her lose her fear of swimming…. But I have to admit that it was a summer of gently and patiently driving her mad with sticks. We’d throw them in just in front of her, so she’d have to lean in to get the stick. Once she dared to do that, we’d throw it a little bit further…. and a little bit further… until we reached the point where she was so obsessively focused on the stick, she’d forget she needed to touch the ground.

The minute she realized she wasn’t touching the ground, she panicked and doggiepaddled back to the shore. But then we’d simply throw the stick in again, and she’d go barking mad (literally) again, and tried again…

Long story short, eventually she got over the fact that water is deathly terrifying and now she actually swims. Y’know, when the river or lake bank slopes gently enough, because we haven’t quite managed to get her to jump into the deep end at once. Yet. And you do have to throw in a stick, because what use is swimming if you aren’t going after a stick?


Got it!


Lalalaaaa. Hahaha, I just love her madhappy face.


And pretty yellow flower! No idea what this is, either.

That dog in the background isn’t ours, by the way. No, this is the first dog that I met who is just as weird as Kim, running along the river banks like an idiot. Of course this dog was less than a year old, which means it was still a pup… unlike Kim, who has reached the ripe age of eleven and should by all means have turned into an indolent old fart by now. None of that, though, besides the fart.


So pretty!!…


4 thoughts on “Het voorjaar in de bol

    1. Ik denk dat je gelijk hebt. Wat cool, dat is een kleurstof voor textiel!! Alleen zie ik dat hij heel zeldzaam is in Nederland (ik heb hem idd gevonden bij een rivier op steenachtige ondergrond en zonnige droge plaats), dus ik zal hem maar niet plukken om wol mee te gaan verven…


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