Arboretum Oostereng


Last week we happened to wander into a so-called “Nature festival” in Renkum. It was fun to wander around the stalls, looking at local produce and clubs and organisations about livestock, food or the environment. At one of the stalls I was told about the Arboretum Oostereng. Apparently this arboretum was also to be found in Wageningen, but it was hidden away in the forest.

It sounded like a good place to check out on our next hike. So we did.


There were big-ass trees. This one was, frankly put, just perfect. I put the husband and the dog next to it to show its size. Then, of course, I had to climb it.


I found out quickly enough that climbing a tree in your sunday dress means either the dress gets dirty and ripped, or you don’t get very far by half. Unfortunately I seem to have grown out of the stage where I care more for climbing trees than for not ripping my clothes. I’m not sure quite when this happened. I’m sure though that’s the reason why I spent most my childhood in old trousers and boots, even on sundays.

This does mean that we’ll have to go back to that tree some time soon, this time when I’m wearing old jeans and slightly less clunky shoes. (You wouldn’t know it by the look of it, probably, but these shoes are actually too outdoorsy to properly climb trees).


There were foxgloves in abundance. I’m not sure if these were planted at some point, or if they naturally grow in our forests. They’re gorgeous, though!


The people who are, for lack of a better word, renovating this arboretum created lots of fun little surprises, like this “tunnel” into the rododendrons. Inside the shrubbery they’d created a small place to sit – or, as Kim would have it, to sniff things.


For some reason I was fascinated by all the fallen flowers on the forest floor. (Well isn’t that a tongue tier if you have problems pronouncing your Fs). I’m not sure if I managed to capture the feel of that properly on film, though.


Some trees and plants sported little green cards telling us what they were.

This one was American.


And they made a gigantic xylophone! How wicked awesome is that. We spent (okay, I spent… neither the husband nor the dog was that interested in playing it, though apparently the husband was pretty amused by my demonstrating my lack of xylophone talent) a fair amount of time playing off-beat music and generally making too much noise for a sunday afternoon in a quiet forest.


Yes, there is a movie clip of me playing this thing. No, I am not posting it. No, husband, neither are you.


this shrub was fairly buzzing with bees and other pollinators. Tried to record that, as well, but I couldn’t get the sound to come out properly. You’ll just have to look for the bees in the picture, then.

Also, more foxglove!


And more bees. I like bees.


See? Many bees. It’s good to see so many of them still around. Keep it up, buddies! We totally need you more than you need us.


Also, pretty yellow cousin of the dandelion!


Okay, so, yeah, many pictures of flowers, not much story. Also not much crochet. Still working on a present. Will show you in due time. This is a pun, since it’s a present for an upcoming baby and the due date is approaching.

Okay. Shutting up now.


2 thoughts on “Arboretum Oostereng

  1. “For some ferry funny reason I was fascinated by all the fallen flowers on the forest floor” :p

    Senks for shèring zees bjoetiful pikjsurs 😀


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