And there, by the fire


The ultimate autumn experience: crochet by the fire.

I’m working on a cowl of lovely handspun teesdale yarn that I picked up in Stroud this summer. It’s wonderfully soft and warm.


It’s so nice to work with this material. And the natural color of these fleece is gorgeous as well. I’ve thought about dying it but really it would be a shame.


(I do have to admit we’re only borrowing this fire: we’re house-sitting, lucky us).

How are you spending these cold autumn evenings? 

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Baby present


Do you remember these?


Baby girl in question was born a few months ago, so it was time I finished this present and gave it to her. Managed to work around my troubles attaching the limbs. It turned out pretty darn cute, if I say so myself! The baby seems to like it: she stuffs it into her mouth whenever she can *grin*


I put a little scarf on to make sure its long neck doesn’t get cold.


What a cutie! I wonder if it’s gonna have a name.

Look, it can climb trees!

So now it’s back to my winter afghan, which I really should finish this season… *grin*