20151229_112446.jpgI probably need to update more, but I’m having such a winter! It’s so dark and gloomy all the time, I’m not feeling very inspired to take pictures. However, these geese did want to show off their beautiful flight patterns. My Phone camera unfortunately can’t capture them properly, so you’ll have to zoom in your head.

While wandering near the Waal, we found tracks by some locals…


…beavers! They’ve been quite busy, as you can see.


We have yet to see an actual beaver here, but we often find tracks, though not usually as Obvious as these. We’ll have to stay on the look-out! Though we usually go for a walk when the sun’s out (…or at least pretending to be out…), which I suppose isn’t beaver-active-time. Time for an early morning walk, I guess.

Have you ever spotted a beaver in the wild?


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