Testing the ice

 See, it did look like winter. Which meant we obviously had to test the ice. As you can see here, strong discussions about where to walk were had by all people and dogs involved.  Kim had a very strong opinion about treading on ice, which she voiced very loudly. I do have a movie clip of that. But since it includes a silly dance by yours truly, I won’t be publishing that online.  

  Must admit I’m very much in love with the camera of the iphone five. I got a new work phone and the image quality is so much higher than of my trusted samsung. I loved that one, and the pictures were fine, but in this early evening light the samsung couldn’t do anything. The iphone, though – wow! Just look at that beautiful light in these pictures, it’s pretty much the way your eyes conceive it! So impressed. Can’t wait to see if I can finally manage to capture the colours of crochet projects correctly.


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