Dark, Dutch winters…

I’ve been complaining about it enough, but it’s often so dark during winter. However, Kim and I managed to catch some sunshine on a cycle ride in between the rain showers.   Okay, so I must admit I’ve fallen in love with the muted winter colours a bit. At least when the sun is shining. That low, golden light on the reed, the subtle blue and grey shades of the endless skies…

Freshly plowed clay. Yes, the Netherlands are actually this flat *grin* At least in our river lands it is. In the back left you can see the first ripples of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Be warned, though, non-Dutchies: our definition of “hill” probably differs a lot from yours: they’re not higher than about 50 meters here.

  Bulrush. What an ugly name… We call this plant “lisdodde”, and those lovely brown things “rietsigaar” (reed sigar).

It seems like an endless winter… but the temperatures have been off, which shows in the plants and trees.

  Dude, stop it. Not spring yet. It’ll probably start freezing again at some point before april and you’ll lose all your buds.

    Seriously dude, stop it.

What to do in dark weather? That’s right, crochet!

I’d made a cowl with the lovely teesdale handspun, but I wasn’t too pleased with it. I’ve been thinking about what to do with just one skein of yarn. Quite difficult actually, since I never have that little.

Eventually I decided to knit fingerless mitts out of them. Tried to follow a pattern, got annoyed and am now just making it up as I go along.

Another thing to do during the dark days: help topping off the willows in our lovely river forelands.

We also helped prune the hawthorns, which is a difficult and painful task. I ended up with three thorns stuck in my leg. Not so funny – they were about three centimetres long. The wounds have healed better than I expected though, so I was lucky.

Evil hawthorn. I do like that it is also called may-tree in English. In Dutch it’s a “meidoorn” – a maythorn, if you will. I actually really like the shrubs, but those thorns are wicked bad.

Oh well, it got it’s revenge for having its limbs chopped off…


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