The weather is weird. It probably always is, but living so close to these big rivers makes it more obvious.

Last week, the river floodfields looked lovely as ever in the winter sun.

 Wet but green, the way they should be. Can you see the geese in the distance? So many geese chilling out in the Netherlands on their way up or down the earth…


This week however the rain has caught up with us. And, I suppose, with Germany. The floodfields are living up to their name, with the river now nearly reaching the dike.

That is some depressing weather… I do love the vast amounts of water, though. It’s probably only 20 or 30 cm deep, but it looks like a proper lake.


It suddenly struck me how many molehills and, for lack of a better word, mole tunnels there were along the dike. No wonder; their usual hangouts have ofcourse been flooded. I never thought about what the regular floods would mean for moles, mice and the like. Would they always know the water was coming, and manage to get away to higher grounds? Or would some of them drown in their tunnels? Better not think about that too hard…

This was at the Waal, but at the Rhine it’s the same.

This photo is more spectacular when you realize that normally you cannot see the river over the summer dike there in the back. It’s really quite disconcerting, as if the horizon has suddenly moved.

 The beach is entirely gone! You can see how close the water is to breaching the summer dike. Kim obviously doesn’t care that much, these waves are still proper to run along.

This is the place the water actually managed to get over the summer dike.

The beavers seem to have no problems with the high water levels…

The rain drove me inside, where I’ve been practicing my knitting skills on these fingerless mitts. I got quite annoyed with the process, actually, because every time I fastened off, they got too tight!

Luckily though there are some very helpful people over at Ravelry who taught me there are much more elastic ways of binding off. And so, la, I finished my first pair of fingerless mitts!

The teesdale wool is very nice and warm. Made them especially to wear while driving my frozen car in the winter mornings. But hey, they’re also nice and warm in our house when the husband decides it’s time to decrease our heating bills again *grin*

As always, couldn’t have done it without Kim’s help…

…now what to do with the rest of the wool? I made the mitts because I didn’t have enough wool for a scarf or a proper piece of clothing. But figures, I could make at least six mitts out of the skein I have…


3 thoughts on “Floods

  1. Als de zon schijnt wel 😉 Ligt er sneeuw bij jullie, of is het weer al net zo treurig?
    Wanneer komen jullie richting de grote rivieren? (aan de noordzijde zijn net zulke mooie uiterwaarden ;)).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nee hoor, hier ook harde wind (voor Duitse begrippen) en grauw. Perfect om te wennen aan het Nl weer 😉 Volgende week gaan we verhuizen, maar ik hoop wel dat het dan weer wat zonniger is!

      Liked by 1 person

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