This weekend I found back a lot of granny squares I crocheted when I just started out, about five years ago now. There’s quite a few of them, but I’d gotten somewhat bored with the simple design and mishmash of colours when I was working on them, so I never finished them. And, okay, basically forgot about them.

Now though I thought it was a bit wasteful of me to never finish them, even if I didn’t like the design that much anymore. And well, I do love colours, so….


…time to start fastening off!

Yes, I really did crochet all those squares without fastening any of them off. Curse you, five years ago me! Yesterday I lived in the illusion that I could actually fasten all of them off and crochet them together into a blanket in one day. Hah! Did they ever prove me wrong. I spent half the day fastening off and I’m still only halfway through the pile of squares.

Oh well, keeps you off the street, as we say in the Netherlands. I am looking forward to crocheting them together, though. Will probably do that with a dark red yarn. Curious to see how it’ll turn out.
 Oh and I’m knitting something like a cowl out of a few left over yarns, including the lovely teesdale I used on the mitts. Trying to work up the courage to knit a jumper out of this great organic shetland wool I have. Though really it’s not the knitting I’m worried about, but the sewing together afterwards. My one attempt at a jumper for the husband didn’t turn out exactly how I meant to fit-wise….


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