Winterse taferelen

Every now and then winter does seem to show up this month. This means time for a big ass photo post with all the icy pictures I’ve managed to shoot.

img_0349 So yeah! Abstract ice art. So beautiful!

  Bright blue skies over half frozen flood fields… Gorgeous area, this.

  Even the factories in the distance are cool in this light.

  In the shadow of the dike.

And on top of the dike! The willows are doing just fine in there.


More abstract ice art. I just love how the ice looks after the water retreated.

 These still have their hair.

The geese are enjoying themselves…

My mother and I came across this cutie on another dike. it was so curious and sweet!

Today I hopped on over to Doorwerth, which is also very beautiful all frozen over.

I was just too late to really catch that hazy wintery morning air on photo. However, the above picture gives you some idea, at least.

The brightening skies are beautiful too, though.

Beautiful castle is beautiful.


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