It took me a while, but I did manage to darn in all the ends eventually. Look at that! So many pretty, colorful squares.

I had enough squares for a sizable sofa afghan, and enough red yarn to actually make it. Or so I hoped…. I needed some other bright colour for the edging, though.

Luckily my mother helped me fasten off all the red ends, otherwise this blanket still wouldn’t have been done *grin*

I used a basic granny join to crochet the squares together. Easy and it just looked best for these very basic granny squares.

Found it!

Because these squares were crocheted in my poor student days, I had to search my old, cheap yarn stash for enough yarn that would fit the rest of the blanket. Luckily I still had the same bright blue that I used in some of the squares, which worked perfectly for the edging.

And it’s so nice and warm!

I do love the red. It lightens it up a bit.

 So, finally finished, yay!

Have some sand.

I love the frost on the sand…

Pretty wintery colours…

Beautiful winter skies…

Though I must admit, I’m about done with winter. Come on spring, we’re waiting for you!


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