Hippie kussensloop: to be continued

As always, darning in the ends is a lot of work. I managed though!

Still liking the colours, especially in the granny square.


I crocheted the triangles together. Worked fine by itself, but I’m not completely pleased with it. Because I made dc’s the seam looks more irregular than I’d like. Next time I think I’ll opt for sewing it together. Though that, too, seems a bit troublesome with dc’s. Perhaps for solid triangles (or squares) it’s wiser to use sc’s all the way through, to make sure you can join them neatly? What are your thoughts/experiences on this?

I’ve never made such a big granny square before and for some reason it did end up a bit twirly. I should probably try these tips the next time I make a big one… never realised I ran any risk of wonky grannies, though!


I’m pretty sure the wonkiness will sort itself out when I’m crocheting the entire thing together, though. Pictures of the finished product are coming up! Need some sunshine for that.

Spring in Doorwerth! (Yeah, we need a spring photo every update).


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