Baby elephant

As said, I’m mostly busy crocheting baby gifts! This cute little baby elephant is named Olivier.

It was a gift for a baby of a friend.

Isn’t it cute?

Look at its little feet!

Two more baby blankets to finish after this, and then let’s hope people keep the reproducing to a minimum for a while so we can focus on other projects *grin*

You can find Olivier’s (free) pattern here.


Baby blanket

The people around us  keep reproducing. A good reason to keep crocheting!

The next one up and coming is a little baby boy, and the mother requested a baby blanket. Luckily I happen to love crocheting blankets, so that was an easy fix.

The colours I picked match the baby’s bedroom (though I added the blues). The yarn is pretty lovely: a very soft acrylic yarn called Colour Crafter from Scheepjes. Picked it because it has a very nice selection of colours, as the name implies.

I didn’t feel like making the umpteenth ripple or granny blanket, so I looked around a bit for a pattern that fit with the colours and the room. Eventually found this one: the clamshell pattern by Sandra of Cherry Heart. It’s a fun pattern: a tad more complicated than a basic ripple, which keeps it interesting, while the long lines of colour means you can get into that nice crochet flow.

It’s big enough now to fit the dog *grin* It also keeps me warm while crocheting. Really liking this one. Not sure what to do about the edge, yet: keep it very simple or add something elaborate? Oh well, it’ll be a little while before I’ll get there, we’ll see then.

The flood fields have managed to dry up again. We’re experiencing some very Dutch weather, though – very changable. Gives us lovely skies, however.

Look at those clouds ❤

They match the blanket *grin*