Finished baby blanket

And the babies keep coming… There’s one more blanket coming after this one, and then preferably people will stop procreating for a bit *grin*

This blanket is finished, though! And I’m really rather pleased with it.

As said, the pattern is Cherry Heart’s clamshell pattern. The colours were picked to match the baby’s bedroom.

They work well together though in my objective opinion *grin*

Hopefully the baby and its parents will like it as much as I do! He hasn’t been born yet, so we’ll have to wait a little while to find out.

Made a very simple border because I think it sets the pattern off well.

What do you think?

Is it pretty enough?

Blanket in a tree…




Indian summer morning

Summer is ending. And it’s clearest in the mornings, when the air is cold and hazy, frizzing up your hair and leaving your cheeks cool and red.

I think the time for the dandelion seeds to fly is past… they do look pretty covered in dew drops, though.

The cows don’t seem to mind the indian summer. The grass is still growing; the sun is still warm on their flanks.

Black cat is enjoying the dried up reeds as its hunting ground. Must be a lot of mice in there.

The spiders are busy catching diamonds…



Baby bunny

Aaaaand… another baby gift! Crocheted a cute little bunny for a cute little baby boy.

I don’t have any progress photo’s of the little bunny I made, but the new mommy was so nice to send me a picture of the toy in use!

I think I used/adapted a pattern for the head, but I can’t find it back anymore. The waffle cloth patternĀ is of my own making. Don’t know what pattern was used for the baby.