Lamb lovey 

We’re awaiting a new nephew or niece, so I got to crocheting again. I found this pattern for a lamb lovey and, well, adjusted it to what I found pretty *grin*

I made it a little smaller and didn’t have the big, bulky white yarn (plus I wanted it to be cotton), so the head looks a little different.

However, the body differs most. I didn’t really like the head-in-the-middle-of-the-cloth, it makes it feel more like a dress, and also I didn’t want stuffed arms… the whole thing would’ve gotten too big for a small baby to snuggle with, I feel. So I made a sort of granny square for the body-cloth…

And basically made little flat hands and feet to give the body a bit more character and to match the colours more. Also, I can just imagine a baby fiddling with those little grey paws.

Isn’t it just cute?

Because the white yarn is bulkier than the other yarns, the fringe on the face keeps moving around a bit. This means it doesn’t always look completely neat, but you can rearrange it by hand. Gives it a bit more character too, I think.

Oh well, let’s hope they like this one *grin*