Cows and grannies

Working on the newest baby blanket…

Giant granny square blanket.

We also went for more walks by the river.

All the cows. They look so pretty against the autumn sky. Just look at them lying there, perfectly mirrored!

I think this is my favorite picture. I love their faces.

Painted plates

So my best friend and I decided to paint us some plates! She took hers home, so I can’t take pictures of that, but I do have my own to show.

This was my first try. I had no idea how the markers would hold up. But I’m rather pleased with the result! It’s really very addictive to do.

We used Edding porcelain markers. After drawing you have to bake the pottery in the oven for 25 minutes to set the paint. Worked like a charm! I think the paint may look a bit nicer if you use a brush, but it’s infinitely easier to work with a marker…

The husband requested a tree… and he got one.

And I decorated a bowl… quite pleased with this one as well.

Now what else to decorate… *plots*