Rondje langs de dijk

Time for another photo post. Summer is here, and it’s here with a vengeance. That means many walks in the sun. This time we walked straight out of our own little village along the dike. wpid-20150620_172232.jpgA sneaky crawler in the hedge.wpid-20150620_172242.jpg The grass is so tall right now! From a distance you can’t see all the things it’s hiding, it just seems like one thick mass of flowering grasses. Which it is.  wpid-20150620_172802.jpgBut look!


wpid-20150620_173834.jpg wpid-20150620_173653.jpg wpid-20150620_174635.jpg wpid-20150620_174812.jpg

I love all those flowers.wpid-20150620_174143.jpg

And the poppies went “Mayday, mayday, abandon ditch, our feet are getting wet!” wpid-20150620_175857.jpg

There used to be a castle here. Not too long ago the muncipality rebuilt the shape of the grounds, with its star-shaped moats.wpid-20150620_180553.jpg

Secret little bridges!wpid-20150620_180932.jpg

And what’s hiding underneath them is great, too. No troll this time.wpid-20150620_180958.jpg

The light was weird this day; this strange mix between not quite sunny but very bright. My camera had trouble dealing with it. I love the play of the leaves against the background though.wpid-20150620_181113.jpg wpid-20150620_181134.jpg

And we stumbled along someone’s pretty garden, right next to a potato field.

Oh poppies, you must be my favorite flowers. Sigh.wpid-20150620_181839.jpg

I’m fighting with my crochet project, grr. Maybe a few pictures in the next post, though.

3 thoughts on “Rondje langs de dijk

  1. Hartelijk dank voor het delen van deze zeer mooie foto’s en de wereld te laten mee genieten van de natuurpracht in de Lage Landen. (Heb de vrijheid genomenenkele op Pinterest te posten.)


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